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Youth Football Players!   When you get done with practice tomorrow night there will be plenty of pizza and TShirts available at the HyVee Registration!
Evaluation Schedules for Players 3rd-6th Grade   Evaluation Day #1: Saturday Oct 4th 8-9am/6th Grade, 9-10am/5th Grade,10-11am/4th Grade, 11-12pm/3rd Grade Evaluation Day #2: Saturday Oct 11th Same as above. Facility TBD Coach Miller and his staff will be conducting the evaluation of players to determine skill level and teams.
5th Annual HyVee Registration Tomorrow Night, October 2nd, 6-8pm LCHS Cafeteria!!!   HyVee will once again be our sponsor for our annual kickoff of the Titan Basketball season! Come register your son for the 2014-15 Junior Titan Basketball Season for 1st-8th Grade at LCHS Cafeteria! Head Boys Basketball Coach Dan Miller will highlight events of the upcoming season! HyVee will provide FREE PIZZA, SODA and TITAN BASKETBALL TSHIRT! Please pass this on to all new parents and kids in the district. Thanks!
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2014-15 Junior Titans Schedule of Events

The 2014-/15 Junior Titan season is soon approaching.  In an effort to provide all parents as much notice as possible we wanted to provide a preliminary schedule of events. Keep in mind that we are still working through the final details and the dates are subject to change. 


Junior Titan Sign up night:

Lewis Central High School Cafeteria Thursday Oct 2nd 6-8pm LCHS Cafeteria!!!

All cost's and fee's will stay the same as the previous year 

Evaluation Day's 

Facility TBD Coach Miller and his staff will be conducting the evaluation of players to determine skill level and teams.  


Evaluation Day #1: Saturday Oct 4th

8-9am/6th Grade,

9-10am/5th Grade,

10-11am/4th Grade,

11-12pm/3rd Grade Evaluation  

Evaluation Day #2: Saturday Oct 11th

Saturday Oct 11th Same as above.


Teams Announced:

Teams will be assigned and published on the Junior Titan Website Sunday Oct 12th 

Practice Starts: 

We are still working on Gym space, times, and locations. The first practices will begin the week of Monday Oct 13th

Tournament Teams/League League teams:

We are still working on the League details but the tenative start date for League play with be Oct 25th

YMCA League Play:

YMCA League tenative start date is Oct 25th

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Grade Leaders 2014-2015
--Posted 10/01/2014


Grade Leaders

The role of the grade leaders is to facilitate information between the varsity program and each team in the Jr. Titan program. They are the contact person for the grade level and are responsible for coaches and teams at their respective grade levels. 


3rd-Bart Witte  

4th-Doug Souther

5th-Jim Dermody

6th-Randy Pomerenke

7th-Jim Dermody

8th-Charlie Reiss

Evaluation For Players
--Posted 09/29/2014
Coach Miller would like all kids to participate in the evaluation process, however we understand if your son cannot attend due to other activities or family committments. Your son will not be penalized for missing a day or any part of the evaluation process. If your son cannot attend any evalution date we will still be able to place him on a team. We are looking forward to another great year in the Junior Titan Program! 

--Posted 09/29/2014
As a concerned parent myself and supporter of the JT Program, I wanted parents to know how lucky we are to have this opportunity for our kids. When we started this 7 years ago Coach Miller wanted all LC kids to have the opportunity to be taught his style of basketball and philosophies of the game. The goal; get a better basketball player, better person, and more of them by the time they enter HS. If you haven't looked, we are accomplishing this goal. If you go to a JV/Varsity game we have more players than ever in the history of LC Basketball.  Coach Miller also has an army of young Titans coming up through the program. In the 7 years we have tried everything, seen everything in our program. The program is not perfect, but it has been built around sound principles. In my 7 years I've seen some of our least skilled kids as a 4th grader work there way to become one of the most skilled by the time they entered HS! More importantly the kids have fun with all the activities like varsity dinners with JT players, halftime scrimmages during varsity games, etc. If your son wants to play for Coach Miller I encourage you to stay in the loop and enjoy the journey. It has been a wonderful experience full of great memories for my son and our family for the past seven years! I know you will experience the same things for your family as well.  Ward Prine

Practice Changes and Cancellations
--Posted 11/06/2013

Please be understanding of the Practice Changes and Cancellations that can and will occur throughout the year. Gym space has to be shared with other school organizations and in many cases they are official school activities and take priority over us. We will attempt to update the practice schedule on Sunday nights for each upcoming week.

Parent Contract
--Posted 11/06/2013

Please read the parent contract at some point as we begin game play. You do not have to sign it and turn it in I would simply ask that you look it over. I understand that emotions can run high, but the people coaching these teams are volunteers. Please observe the 24 hour rule if you have questions. Do not confront the coach after the game, that is not appropriate behavior and does not help any situation following competition. Also, please represent our program with class and dignity as we watch our boys compete. Thanks for your attention to this matter. Coach Miller

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