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Thank-you for your interest in our Junior Titans Basketball Program.  In an attempt to make sure we have full transparency, we have put together this information based around our most commonly asked questions.  We feel it is important to communicate clearly our program intentions to help in assisting you to make the best decision for your son.  Please review the following information as it relates to Junior Titans 2015 -2016.

  • The program supports grades 1 – 8.

  • Player evalulations are done in an effort to group players based on skill level.  These evaluations are conducted by members of the Lewis Central High School Basketball Program including coaches and support staff.

  • Not all players develop at the same pace.  As a result of this, we have players that are more comfortable in certain environments than others.  We try to place kids with the team that best fits their ability and current skill level.

  • Grades 1 and 2 play in the Council Bluffs YMCA League.

  • Grades 1 and 2 play in Council Bluffs Facilities and grades 3 and above will play in the Council Bluffs / Omaha Metro area.

  • Grades 3 and above will have both YMCA and Omaha Sports Academy (OSA) League Teams.  The OSA teams generally consist of the higher skill level teams.  We try to enroll 2 teams in each age bracket to play in the OSA League.  The number of kids in each age group is a determining factor in how many teams are in each league.

  • There is no set limit on how many teams will play in each league.  This is determined by how many kids we have in each grade and the skill level of the team(s) in that age group.

  • There will be additional tournament fees for each team that participates in games outside of regular league games.  These fees are determined at a later date and amounts are determined by how many tournaments your team plays in as well as other variable costs associated with your team.  This amount is figured fairly for each team that participates in tournaments.

As we prepare for the next year of Junior Titan Basketball, please note the following.  We try to accommodate kids of all skill levels and there will be times when parents and coaches / administrators disagree.  We try our best to work through these issues on a case by case basis.  We will not be able to make everyone happy all of the time.  We will, however, be willing to discuss your situation and we will try to accommodate your request best we can.

We want all of our kids to excel to the best of their abilities and enjoy Titan Basketball. 


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Practice Changes and Cancellations
--Posted 11/06/2013

Please be understanding of the Practice Changes and Cancellations that can and will occur throughout the year. Gym space has to be shared with other school organizations and in many cases they are official school activities and take priority over us. We will attempt to update the practice schedule on Sunday nights for each upcoming week.

Parent Contract
--Posted 11/06/2013

Please read the parent contract at some point as we begin game play. You do not have to sign it and turn it in I would simply ask that you look it over. I understand that emotions can run high, but the people coaching these teams are volunteers. Please observe the 24 hour rule if you have questions. Do not confront the coach after the game, that is not appropriate behavior and does not help any situation following competition. Also, please represent our program with class and dignity as we watch our boys compete. Thanks for your attention to this matter. Coach Miller

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